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Fine Dining Orange Suit

Fine Dining 

Carla Hall (TV Personality)

“It’s no secret that the restaurant industry is complicated, complex, and broken in so many ways. This detailed tome serves as a master class and beacon of hope for restaurateurs and diners alike.”

Chef Stephen Kalt (Spartina LA)

“Jack has taken on this subject with the love and passion that resembles what I’ve seen all of my life in the kitchens and dining rooms of the greatest restaurants in the world...Great restaurants are one of the truest expressions of the human condition, and we should thank Jack for helping us see it clearly.”

Tu David Phu (Bravo Top Chef Alumnus)

Fine Dining is an insightful investigation into iconic dining institutions’ origins and how they were able to navigate through the pandemic. Untold stories that need to be told so we can appreciate the true cost of food.”

New Book: Yin Yang

Written in Asia

#1 New Release on Amazon

"Rasmussen’s tone is soothing and easy to follow despite the weighty topic...His deep dive into the Yin Yang symbology and its real-life applications is both compelling and inspiring." —Publishers Weekly

Yin Yang focuses on the yin-yang symbol’s prominence in cultures worldwide and its immersive history. Religious leaders, meditation guides, award-winning authors, psychedelic therapists, and business executives provide in-depth conversations about the vital importance of healthy duality within our lives and how to bring mindfulness, spirituality, and harmony into effective leadership.

Rasmussen’s empowering personal journey of reaching a lifestyle of mindfulness and equanimity is reflected in the hypothesis of his honest writing: To be human is not just to be aware of the duality within and around oneself but to embrace it, accept it, and use it to reach the ultimate version of yourself.

Yin Yang Official Book Cover


“Jack brings an accessible, didactic, simple, and, at the same time, profound approach to concepts that may transform our lives, giving more meaning to our daily routines, and he does this from a fantastic first-person experience. I recommend reading.” 

Marcelo Demarzo, M.D., Ph.D., Founder of the “Mente Aberta”

“‘If you have a little spiritual knowledge, you should share it. This is the best type of charity.’ This [sentiment] is a teaching from my guru. In sharing these teachings, Jack Rasmussen is helping to dispel a little of the darkness of ignorance.”

—Sri Dharma Mittra, Founder and Director of Dharma Yoga Center

Yin Yang is a charming and helpful book. Rasmussen is open about himself, writes in an easy and engaging manner, and provides integrated wisdom beyond his years about a complex and important topic.” 
“Few authors can tackle such a profound concept with sophistication and versatility. Rasmussen has done both. Great read!”

Fred Luskin, Ph.D., Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects

—Damon West, 3x WSJ Best-Selling Author 

About Jack Rasmussen

The 23-Year-Old's Story

Jack in Cabo, Mexico

Graduating from the University of Southern California as a Warren Bennis Scholar, Renaissance Scholar, Discovery Scholar, and Fulbright Scholar in Spring 2022, Jack looks forward to entering the world of entertainment. He plans to share/spread the sentiments expressed in his first two non-fiction books—Fine Dining and Yin Yang. Jack is working with an experienced talent agent and manager to pursue an acting career. Also, he cannot wait to continue contributing to the mental health space through entrepreneurial endeavors or within innovative storytelling companies.


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Jack in Brentwood, California at Espresso Profeta
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